Customer Testimonials

I don't think most people can understand the value of the balance and weight distribution offered by the Vaughan 999. I work 9 hrs a day as production manager for a remodeling company and then I go home to remodel my own home. I love the work but there is no room for arm fatigue or wrist soreness. The Vaughan 999 takes care of me better then any other hammer on the market and having the matched set lets me shift from framing to finish while maintaining the same, unparalleled performance. Two of my lead carpenters have expressed interest in switching from their Vaughan fiberglass hammers to the Vaughan hickory 999 and even more flattering is that my son, at age 16, and daughter, age 12, have used my new Vaughan hammers and want to switch from their "indestructible" steel handles to the Vaughan hickory 999. Pardon me if I seem obsessed with a hammer, but when you realize the hammer is the foundation of my industry, it is the basis of putting food on the table. Thank you for manufacturing such a fine tool.

- Brad G. from Fannin Remodeling Co.

Let me begin by saying how highly I think of your hammers. In particular, while I worked as a wood framer to raise money to go back to school, I used exclusively a Vaughan fiberglass framing hammer, how attached I became to it, and the parallel I quickly discovered between the quality of your hammer and the pride I put into every part of my work. My family have been carpenters in Florida for three generations, so I began working on the job as soon as I was old enough to walk around and pick up nails for my Grandfather, who did his best to put the rest of the family to work. I worked as a laborer for many years, before graduating high school, and went on to pursue classes at the community college in my home town when the finances were present. I am writing because I believe in your company and the special emphasis you place on quality in all your products. I can't tell you how many hammers I went through before I found the Vaughn that proved to win my support. I wanted to wish you the support and a little thank you for the extra effort you put in, and how that same commitment finds its way into the hands of the people that use your tools... that same pride and commitment to quality. Forever a loyal customer... - Joseph R. from FL I just wanted to tell you how pleased I am with the Vaughan Superbar. I am amazed at how many things it can do and how well it does them. It is a real pleasure to use such a well-designed and well-made tool. My only regret is that I will never buy another one. Mine is about 20 years old, and despite a lot of heavy use, it shows little wear. I wish all tools were made of such good steel.

Thanks, and keep up the good work.

- Ben M. from Brookline, MA

A week or so ago I wrote to ask about a handle replacement for a DO 10 hammer that I had broken as a result of improper tool use. This afternoon a Fed Ex truck delivered a package from Vaughan Manufacturing. In it was the replacement handle. I was totally blown away! I had no idea that this would be covered under warranty as the handle failed because of me not the fault of the hammer. And there was no charge. I have had this hammer for over 10 years and have always treated it with care until one day and I used it to remove a nail beyond its designed size. Needless to say, I was upset with myself. The new handle was installed within 15 minutes of arrival and is back in its proper place on my workbench wall. Thank you so very much. There will be no other hammers for me, unless, they are Vaughan Hammers.

- Bruce P. from Toledo, OH

I wanted to let you know just how much I enjoy the hammer I bought years ago. I bought one of your 20 oz. Vaughan 999 with the Tubular Steel Handle. After driving a truck for 21 years, two friends talked me into partnering up with them in their home construction business. I bought an Estwing first thing. I had heard so much about them. Like the best you can buy. I had used it for months when one afternoon I dropped it from the roof of a house we were building. My partner handed his Vaughan Fiberglass handle. After using it for awhile, I knew I was going to buy me a Vaughan . The only Vaughan our local hardware store had in stock was a Vaughan 999 with Tubular Handle. I purchased it but I was not sure if the tubular handle would hold up. Well, by the end of the next day I was positive I had made the right choice. I put the new Vaughan in my tool pouch the night I bought it and it is the only hammer that has hung from my tool pouch since. As far as the Estwing, I guess it is still at that house buried in the foundation, right where it landed. I have only seen once more of the Vaughan 999’s with the tubular handle in a store since and I bought it. Not that mine was worn out or that I even needed another one. I am just afraid that you might stop making them and then when I would need another one I wouldn’t be able to find one. Thank you for making a great product. I would not trade my old Vaughan for a truckload of new Estwings or any other brand. By the way, my old one has 24 houses under it’s belt. P.S. I hope you never stop producing your 999 with Tubular Handle.

- James H. from Pell City, AL

I recently bought a Vaughan TC2012 Ball Pein hammer and I must say it appears to be the highest quality 12 oz. hammer I’ve ever owned. I think it will be ideal for a lot of jobs on the car, such as driving pins in and out of break calipers with a punch. Nice design, no claw to get in the way of other parts. Nice balance. I like the hickory handle.

- Robert B. from Spring Valley, CA

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