PL Planter

The Planter is designed for planting trees and shrubs and trenching. Pick end penetrates hard soil for planting, trenching and digging. Broad planter blade is ideal for clearing and finishing work. Curved handle allows two different striking angles: One for shallow trenching, another for deep digging. Heads are made from ductile Iron is strong. It is used to maximize shock resistance and provide high-impact strength. It is also ideal for outdoor use since it resists corrosion. Ductile Iron gives V & B GroundBreakers the best of two worlds: Good, practical design and rock solid strength. Features 100% American Hickory Handle.
Head Made in China.
Assembled in USA
Head Weight: 5 lbs
3-1/2" W Mattock blade with side panels
7" L Pick
36" Handle
Replacement Handle: 68703

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